February 2021


La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chaveu

Grand  Chef de Gare   John Aasen                               2020- 2021


  GRAND PRESIDENTE  2020- 2021

         Jennifer Larson 

Mid winter program Feb13, 2021

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Camp American Legion Update

Voyageurs and Dames

Just found out that due to the Coronavirus and the age & risk factors of those who use the Camp; it will not be opened until July 1st of this year. (This is subject to change) Now that may or may not affect our Forty et Eight Days at Camp.

  • We should still be able to use a pontoon boat for the fishing tournament.
  • Might have to bring our own food for the Saturday afternoon picnic at the flowage. Not a problem there……
  • For now Camp Director Don Grundy will be the only employee throughout this period unless the open date is modified.

As with everything else going on and changing day to day; I will do my best to keep everyone notified on any updates or changes concerning 40 et Days at Camp. If all nonessential businesses are still closed June 25th – 28th; we’ll have to make some rather harsh decisions but until then, I plan on being up there early Thursday afternoon and painting lines for the bean bag tournament.

Tom Orval

Grand Correspondant

Chairman Forty et Eight Days at Camp American Legion

Grande Voiture de Wisconsin



Articles for Badger Forty & EIghter 2019-2020

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Correspondants Corner Mar 23,2020                         

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Tom Orval Grand Correspondant Grande Voiture de Wisconsin